In the fast-paced world of finance, Zenthos emerged as a beacon of innovation, committed to both financial success and societal well-being. Formerly known as Exel Capital, a name lost in the sea of financial entities, Zenthos embarked on a comprehensive branding journey to not only establish itself as a force in stable growth algorithmic trading but also to convey a deeper purpose rooted in responsible growth and positive advancements.

- Naming
- Brand Identity
- Brand Guidelines
- Presentation template and design

Zenthos is a specialized investment management company, pioneering stable growth algorithmic trading in the foreign exchange currency market. The company manages clients' funds through high-frequency algorithmic trading, ensuring above-market standard returns.

The primary challenge was to craft a brand that stand out and distinguish itself in an industry known for questionable money management practices. Zenthos aimed to emphasize transparency, commitment, and a level of seriousness often absent in the forex market. Additionally, selecting a name was a challenge—it needed to capture the brand's values and stand out among many generic financial entities for instant recognition. The ultimate goal was to create an identity that breaks stereotypes, emphasizing Zenthos' dedication to innovative, sustainable growth, and societal well-being from the start.

Faced with the challenges of recognition and differentiation under the generic Exel Capital, Zenthos strategically crafted a new name that resonates with its values. The fusion of "Ethos" and "Zen" in Zenthos not only symbolizes ethical values and a systematic approach but also solves the challenge of standing out in a sea of generic financial entities. This distinctive name, complemented by an easily memorable and phonetically appealing quality, positions Zenthos as a unique and forward-thinking entity in the financial landscape.

From the logo to the colors, fonts, and graphics in use, every element of Zenthos' visual identity is carefully selected to tell a story of growth and trust.



Zenthos' brand guidelines, delivered and presented as a digital prototype in Figma, provide a comprehensive overview of the brand's fundamentals, personality, and all brand identity elements. 

The Figma prototype is designed as a digital brand platform, ready for development whenever the Zenthos team decides to take it to the next level. The guidelines facilitate easy sharing, scaling, and implementation across all touchpoints, ensuring swift and on-brand content creation and product packaging. 

The clickable PDF and the brand platform prototype, both linked with Drive, establish a well-organized repository of brand assets, enhancing accessibility, and enabling seamless collaboration for the entire organization.


Equipped with a brand-new system, we helped design a presentation framework that allowed shaped Zenthos' narrative, explaining who they are, what they do, and why investors should choose them. The goal was not just to tell the story but to make viewers see Zenthos as an innovative and trustworthy investment fund committed to sustainable growth and societal well-being.
Once the presentation design was set, we designed template for current needs and future use. It ensures consistent, on-brand presentations that anyone, even non-designers, can easily create while maintaining high-quality and professional design standards.


While it's still early to measure the long-term impact, the brand identity has already received positive impressions from presentations to investors, potential clients, and partners are partly attributed to the brand and its applications being recognized for their high quality and professionalism. Immediate feedback indicates a strong connection with the brand's story and values, showcasing a clear understanding of Zenthos' purpose and building trust among stakeholders.
Zenthos' cohesive and systematic brand identity is designed for easy scalability. The implementation of a user-friendly brand system will enabled fast content creation and seamless implementation across various touchpoints and products, enhancing Zenthos' ability to scale rapidly and maintain a consistent and impactful presence in the financial landscape. 

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