Analysis Disruption
Brand Identity   |   UX/UI

Is 2017, one year had passed since the Analysis conference received a visual upgrade. 

As the event continued to evolve and attract a wider and more diverse audience, it became clear that it needed its own #brand to reflect its strength, importance, and reach. 

Led by the Queen of Analysis, Dr. Kadri Siinmaa (currently UX & Product Manager at Nortal), and with the support of the talented Hannes Seeberg (currently Head of PM & Design ops at Pipedrive), the Analysis Disruption brand was born - the start of a community of analysts and their biggest event in #BusinessAnalysis in the Baltics.

First, we updated the name to #AnalysisDisruption' to better reflect the event's vision and goals. Then, we departed from the stereotypical tech look and feel and created a #brandidentity that would appeal to attendees from various fields in the Baltics. 

This new identity aimed to capture the essence of a conference, where talented and experienced speakers illuminated the stage with their knowledge and expertise under vibrant lights and colors, while attendees listened intently in the calm of darkness.

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